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Pakistan Links USA Conference on MA Jinnah and Indo-Pak-Kashmir History


( – Pakistan Links USA members & supporters celebrated the birthday, life and achievements of Pakistan Founder, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, on Wednesday, 25 December 2013, from 6 PM to 11 PM, at a hotel in Springfield, Virginia. This wonderful program was organized, hosted and sponsored by the Pakistan Links USA, an association of Pakistani-Americans based in Fairfax, VA, to honor and remember the humanitarian services of Mr. Jinnah to the Pakistani Nation.

Akmal Aleemi, an eminent Pakistani-American journalist, raised the Pakistan Flag, which contained red roses, at the flag-hoisting ceremony. When Mr. Aleemi hoisted the Pakistan crescent-star, green-white flag, then the national anthem of Pakistan was played, which motivated over 300 Pakistanis, Kashmiris and Americans (men, women and children) to stand up from their chairs and pay due respect to Pakistan Flag and national anthem. Mr. Aleemi was assisted by Akram Butt, a noted community activist, during the flag-raising ceremony.

Speakers of the Pakistan Links USA Conference on MA Jinnah (Birthday: 25 December 1876 – Deathday: 11 September 1948) and Indo-Pak-Kashmir history were Kashmiri leader Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, Attorney-at-Law Mowahid Hussain Shah, Commongrounds Director Zulfiqar Ali Kazmi (MC), Imam Abdul Wali, Council of Khalistan President Gurmit Singh Aulakh, Pakistan Links President Hamid Malik, Pak Links Vice-President Mian Wasim and Pak Links General-Secretary Zarif Khan.

Pak Links - Jinnah Conference

Pak Links – Jinnah Conference

Special features of the Pakistan Links (MA Jinnah 137th birth anniversary) program were informative speeches, Mr. Jinnah’s photos/posters, historical pictures slideshow (displayed on a projector screen), videos, cultural information, Pakistani & American flags, colorful flowers, floating balloons, birthday party decorations, raphael ticket prize, Pakistani patriotic songs, music & entertainment, Press-Media Table, Jinnah birthday cake and delicious Pakistani food catered by the Lasani Kabob restaurant (Owner/General Manager Atif Raja) of Lorton, Virginia.

Human Rights Justice Forum (HRJF) President Aslam Khan, HRJF Chairman Ajmal Khan and some other dignitaries also attended the Pakistan Links event.

Pakistan Links USA Executive Committee Members:

1. Mr. Hamid Malik – President – 703-341-9696
2. Mr. Mian Wasim – Vice-President – 202-213-9447
3. Mr. Zarif Khan – General-Secretary – 202-714-5100
4. Mr. Moazzam Aftab – Coordinator – 571-337-6200

Hamid Malik - Mian Wasim

Hamid Malik – Mian Wasim

Zarif Khan

Zarif Khan

PHOTOS of Pakistan Links Conference (23-12-2013)

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