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Anti-Discrimination Complaint Against Shaikh Umar, Salman Sharif and Nadeem Hotiana – 3 Officials of the Embassy of Pakistan, Washington DC, USA:

Diplomatic Corruption of 3 Pakistani Low-Level Bureaucrats Exposed

They discriminated against 5 noted journalists to suppress Freedom of the Free Press.

1. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
2. US Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry.
3. US Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr., and US Acting Assistant Attorney General Jocelyn Samuels – the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice.
4. US FBI Director James B. Comey.
5. Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ)
6. Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP)
7. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
8. Reporters Without Borders (RWB)
9. International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)
10. Human Rights Watch (HRW)
11. Amnesty International USA (AIUSA)
12. Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)


Shaikh Muhammad Umar Salman Sharif Nadeem Hotiana

1. Shaikh Muhammad Umar, Salman Sharif and Ahmed Nadeem Sadiq Hotiana, the 3 Pro-PPP stooges of Pakistan Embassy Washington, have violated the US and Pakistan’s anti-discrimination laws by refusing to issue 5 Pakistan Embassy invitations to 5 noted journalists – Syed Adeeb (Chief Editor of America’s Information Press), Faisal S. Qazi (US Correspondent of Pakistan’s ARY News TV), Jamal Khan Baluch (free-lance reporter), Anjum Gill (Broadcaster of the Voice of America Urdu Radio), and a senior editor (Pakistan’s daily Dunya newspaper Columnist, weekly Dunya newspaper Editor & ex-Voice of America (VOA) Urdu Radio Broadcaster, Producer and Editor) – for Pakistani Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s community meeting of 21 October 2013, which was held today from 5 PM to 10 PM at a very expensive hotel in Washington DC, USA.

2. Shaikh Umar, Salman Sharif and Nadeem Hotiana, the 3 Pro-PPP, so-called ‘diplomats’ of the Diplomatic Gang, intentionally failed to issue Pakistan Embassy invitations to the 2 journalists (Syed Adeeb and Faisal Qazi) to punish them for their journalistic criticism against many corrupt politicians & criminal bureaucrats of Pakistan, to stop them from performing their 21 October journalistic duties, to defame the PML-N ruling regime of PM Nawaz Sharif, to turn their press-media groups against the PML-N and to sabotage the PM’s 20-23 October mission in America. The 3 low-level bureaucrats have refused to reveal that why they did not e-mail the Pak Embassy’s 5 invitations to the 5 reporters?

3. In his telephone text messages to Syed Adeeb, dated 19 October, Shaikh Umar wrote that he or his staff do not e-mail invitations to journalists and that Adeeb should talk to any senior officer of Pakistan Embassy to resolve this issue. Umar also demanded that Syed Adeeb should e-mail his 15 August and 27 September 2013 articles to him, but Adeeb did not write any article on those 2 dates. Both Nadeem Hotiana and Salman Sharif disclosed to journalists on 19 & 20 October that Shaikh Umar illegally ordered them NOT to send, e-mail, or mail the 5 invitations to the 5 journalists. Did Umar, Salman and Hotiana obtain the prior oral or written authorization of the Charge d’Affaires or Acting Ambassador to the USA, Asad Majeed Khan, for blocking invitations to the 5 reporters? Salman told Adeeb during their phone conversation of 20 October that he gets his orders from the top policeman, Shaikh Umar, that his real boss is an Intelligence Bureau official or police officer and that his diplomatic boss is not an Ambassador. It is now also obvious that the invisible master of Slave Salman and Slave Hotiana is Constable Umar.

4. PM Nawaz Sharif should immediately dismiss Shaikh Umar (Community Affairs Counselor, who is actually a spy of Pakistan’s notorious Intelligence Bureau and a tout of Pakistani infamous, corrupt police), Salman Sharif (First Secretary & a juggler) and Nadeem Hotiana (Press Attache & a media manipulator). PM Sharif should throw them out of the Embassy of Pakistan now because they have discriminated against noted journalists, harassed them, committed misconduct and abused their powers. US State Department should declare these 3 Pakistan Embassy officials as personas-non-grata and kick them out of the USA back to Pakistan because they have violated the rules of diplomacy and persecuted or victimized Pakistani-American journalists, who are citizens of the USA. US Justice Department should take legal actions against the 3 Pakistan Embassy employees because they have violated the US anti-discrimination laws by inviting many puppet ‘journalists’ and by denying access to some critical journalists to the Pakistani PM’s 21 October news event without any justification.

5. In the past, Nadeem Hotiana, a suppressor of the free press, has also discriminated against Journalist Shaheen Sehbai and Journalist Kausar Javaid by not including the e-mail address of Sehbai in the Pakistan Embassy news-info-invitations e-mail list for journalists and by discriminatorily banning Javaid from many news media events of the Embassy. Hotiana recently added the e-mail ID of Sehbai to the Pakistan Embassy press-media e-mail list after Journalist Syed Adeeb forcefully told him to do so.

6. Journalists Sami Ibrahim, Kausar Javaid, Imran Shahid, Asim Siddiqui and Aziz Ahmed have strongly condemned the 3 Pakistan Embassy officers’ attacks on journalists, free press and freedom of expression. Pakistan USA Freedom Forum (PUFF) General Secretary Shahid Comrade said today that the 3 Pakistan Embassy officers must discard their unjust attitude, show a humble attitude of equitable fairness and apologize for their misdeeds. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Virginia Chapter Coordinator Muhammad Ishtiaq wrote in his phone text message of 20 October to Adeeb: “That is very unprofessional conduct” of the 3 Embassy employees. Mohammad Ajmal Khan, a PTI Maryland Chapter Coordinator and a Pakhtoon American Community Association (PACA) Director; and Muhammad Aslam Khan, a PTI Virginia Chapter Coordinator, have demanded that Shaikh Umar, Salman Sharif and Nadeem Hotiana must immediately resign from their posts for violating the journalistic rights of Syed Adeeb, Faisal Qazi and 3 other journalists.

7. In his phone text message to Adeeb, dated 20 October, PML-N Washington DC Chapter President Shahzad Chaudhry wrote: “I am trying to get [Pakistan Embassy] invitations for both Syed Adeeb and Faisal Qazi. I am in touch with Qazi, Rohail Dar and Pak Embassy. Let us hope for the best.” PML-N Virginia Chapter Information Secretary Yousuf Choudhry wrote in his 19 October phone text message to Adeeb that he will also try to obtain the Embassy invitations for 5 journalists through PML-N USA President Rohail Dar.

8. Shaikh Umar told Faisal Qazi during their phone conversation of 19 October that he discriminatorily blocked the Pakistan Embassy invitations to Adeeb and Qazi because they reported in the news-media about the protest demonstration of Pro-PTI Pakistani-Americans held in front of Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC on 13 April 2013. That protest rally was against corruption, target killings and criminals in dirty politics of Pakistan, and for voting rights of all overseas Pakistanis.

9. Pakistani-American community activists Zahid Aslam, Muhammad Babar, Agha Hasnain, Akram Butt and Muhammad Mohsen Bashir – who organized the 13 April, anti-corruption protest rally at Pakistan Embassy – also vigorously condemned the policies, decisions and actions of the 3 Pakistan Embassy officials against the 5 journalists. Aslam and Butt told this writer on 20 October that Syed Adeeb and Faisal Qazi only covered the Pakistani-Americans protest demonstration of 13 April as professional reporters and that the protest was against crimes, corruption and frauds/scams, which were committed under the former Zardari-Gillani-Raja Regime that ruled Pakistan from March 2008 to March 2013. Both Zahid Aslam and Akram Butt said that they will send their protest letter to Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Jalil Abbas Jilani, who was reportedly appointed as the country’s new Ambassador to the USA by PM Nawaz Sharif, in which they will point out that Shaikh Umar has unlawfully discriminated against the two journalists. Indeed, journalistically covering or reporting about any anti-corruption protest demonstration is neither a sin nor a crime. Ironically, Shaikh Umar, the intelligence spook, got his intelligence information through false rumors or fictitious hearsay, not thru real facts or the whole truth. That is why his discriminatory action has Zero or NO credibility. He needs education and training in the art of investigation, research and analysis. His Pakistani police spy mentality has psychopathically compelled him to target, victimize, or discriminate against 5 independent journalists. An audit, verification and criticism of his intelligence reports has become necessary to find out that did he write facts or fiction or did he tell lies or the truth in his secret reports sent to the Government of Pakistan. US CIA, FBI and NSA should deeply investigate and closely monitor/watch all actions, communications and reports of Pakistan Embassy’s intelligence officer Shaikh Muhammad Umar in the USA.

10. Muhammad Hassan, a Minister & Head of Chancery at Pakistan Embassy Washington, told the Information Press on 18 October 2013 that clandestine co-conspirator Nadeem Hotiana has committed a stupid blunder by discriminatorily barring Journalist Syed Adeeb, Journalist Faisal Qazi and 3 other journalists from the 21 October 2013 news conference of Pakistani Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif without any reasonable reason. Unfortunately, Pakistani officials, who often beg for more US/foreign aid and IMF/World Bank or other loans to operate their bankrupt government, have wasted millions of Pakistani taxpayers rupees on this unnecessary community dinner event of the PM, which was held today at a luxurious hotel in Washington DC to impress or influence over 1000 Pakistani-Americans.

APPEAL: Kindly support our free press media group to protest against this Diplomatic Corruption of 3 Pakistani low-level bureaucrats of Pakistan Embassy Washington.

Writer: Journalist SYED ADEEB – Web Editor: Syed Adeeb. Publisher: Information Press. Website/Source: – Publication Date: Monday, 21 October 2013.


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